10 Natural Remedies For Mosquito Bites Hiding In The Kitchen

Mosquito bites are very common and annoying especially during the hot summer days. Mosquitoes are carriers known as “vectors” for a host of diseases, most commonly of West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

The saliva that the insect leaves behind after it “strikes” is what causes all that itchiness, and if you have forgotten your mosquito repellent at home when you went camping, or working in the garden, rest assured – you’ll be their dinner!

Below you’ll find 10 efficient remedies for mosquito bites. You can now treat the itchy mosquito bites quickly and without the hassles, by using these simple ingredients that most everyone has in their kitchen:

1. Vinegar For Alleviating The Itchiness

Vinegar is widely used for cooking and baking, yet few people know that the actual benefits of this magic ingredient go far beyond its use in the kitchen.

The secret lies in the high levels of acidity found in the vinegar that immediately relieves all the pain and itchiness. If you have more than a couple mosquito bites, then you can easily dilute one or two cups of fresh vinegar into your bath tub and then take a long, relaxing bath. On the other hand, if you only have a few bites that actually bother you, then you can dilute one spoon of vinegar and use a cotton swab to gently apply the solution. The high pH of the vinegar will work like magic within seconds!

2. Alcohol

Alcohol can also be very efficient for addressing the itchiness that often accompanies the mosquito bites. You can either dab some cotton swabs into pure alcohol or use it in conjunction with witch hazel, for the best results. Both the witch hazel and the alcohol have strong antiseptic properties that will not only disinfect the bite, but will also prevent it from getting infected, which is very likely if you are the scratchy type.

3. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to act as natural insect and mite repellents, due to their strong and stingy smell. However, some oils such as the chamomile, lavender and especially the tea tree oil also have soothing properties that will offer instant relief from the mosquito bites. The tea tree oil is particularly beneficial as it is known to have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will immediately address the swelling, the itching and the pain. Make sure to always dilute the essential oils before applying them directly onto the skin.

4. Honey

We all know that honey is great when you have a cold, but did you know that honey is widely used as an antiseptic and antibacterial treatment for disinfecting wounds, cuts and abrasions? It can prevent the mosquito bite from getting infected – all you have to do is to apply a bit of honey directly onto the bite, and let it sit.

5. Basil

If none of the treatments mentioned above comes in handy right now, then you can always rub a fresh leaf of basil directly onto the mosquito bite to stop the itching and to stop the inflammation. Not only does the strong scent of the basil keep all the future mosquitoes at bay, but it also acts as an important anti-inflammatory agent. The secret lies in the high contents of thymol and camphor, two intensely scented compounds that relieve the itching and that are commonly included in different ointments and medical cream. On the other hand, if you do not have any basil leaves at your disposal, then basil essential oil should do.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years to treat common problems and ailments, and it is widely used and praised today as well. It is a known fact that aloe vera can treat hundreds of ailments, but did you know that it is also an excellent natural remedy for mosquito bites? Simply apply some fresh gel from an aloe leaf directly onto the mosquito bite, and you will see that it will instantly relief both the swelling and the itching. Works like a charm, every time!

7. Toothpaste

Another cheap and efficient remedy for mosquito bites is toothpaste – preferably peppermint flavored toothpaste. Simply apply a bit of toothpaste directly onto the mosquito bite and let it act, as it will relieve the itching and it will also shield it from any bacteria.

8. Ice

A century-old remedy, ice is great for addressing the bothersome itching triggered by mosquito bites as well. Cold therapy based on ice packs is known to come in handy in many different situations, and this one is no exception: in a nutshell, this cold shock will numb the nerves that are responsible for conducting the itching sensation, therefore they will temporarily alleviate the pain and the itching. However, the ice packs are not an efficient long-term treatment for the mosquito bites, and it is also very important never to apply the ice directly onto the skin – instead of doing that, make sure to firstly wrap it into a clean piece of cloth.

9. Baking Soda And Water

Baking soda is yet another universal ingredient that can be used for a variety of common ailments that do not require immediate medical attention. Mix baking soda with several drops of water until it turns into a thick place, then apply it directly onto the mosquito bite, just like you would apply toothpaste. All the itching and the swelling will start to subside shortly after that due to the fact that baking soda is known to be a mild alkaline that can neutralize the pH of the skin, thus reducing the inflammation that occurs at the surface.

10. Green Tea Bags

Another efficient remedy for mosquito bites is to either apply green tea bags or simply green tea directly onto the affected area. Green tea is known for its efficient anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (this is why the green tea bags are commonly applied around the eye area) that will immediately ease the swelling on the bites, while also acting as an astringent that will speed up the healing process.